King of Culinary 三把刀

Episodic Information


King of Culinary is an arena-style cooking competition where amateur chefs pit their mettle against professional chefs. And who are these contestants? Self-trained chefs from all walks of life! Expect surprising results as the programme will uncover hidden talents among us. A total of three rounds, the contestant gets the opportunity to choose the Chef they want to compete against. They can also set the rules by deciding the cuisine and pick a key ingredient for the cook-off plus an advantage of a 10-minute head-start. For each round, the contestant will win a culinary knife and cash. They can choose to exit the competition or bet all their cash winnings to compete against the next Chef. If they win all three rounds, they will bring home three culinary knives and more cash prizes.

In season two, the professional Chefs brought along their disciples! While the rules remain the same, contestants now have one more hurdle to cross, they have to compete and win against the disciple of their first chosen Chef before they can compete with the Chef himself. To help the contestants increase their chances of winning, there are four wild cards they can pick from which will give them a handicap such as deducting the cooking time of the competing Chef or asking a sitting Chef for help. Contestants have to win all four rounds to bring home three culinary knives and cash prizes.

The third season of King of Culinary has been expanded into three separate competition featuring Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines to showcase each of their unique tastes and culture. The winner from each competition will compete against each other in the Battle of the Kings and the overall winner will be crowned King of Kings. Just who will prove their culinary might and emerge the King of Kings? Keep watching to find out!


Host: Cavin Soh, Udaya Soundari and Farhana M Noor

Episodes: 10 x 60 mins (Chinese, Malay & Tamil), 4 x 60 mins (English) 

Languages: Chinese, English, Malay, Tamil

Production year: 2022