Innocently Guilty 法內有情天

Innocently Guilty is a co-production between MediaCorp Studios and ATV. It stars many well-known artistes such as Anita Yuen, Wong Yat-wah, Kent Cheng, Tien Niu, Simon Lui and our very own starlet, Yvonne Lim as well as Edmund Chen and Terence Cao. Innocently Guilty is an intense drama set against the background of law and justice. Anita Yuen plays the young lawyer, Lin Tien En who’s tasked to handle a murder case involving a prostitute (played by Tien Niu) that rocked the Hong Kong's society. Plot thickens when the defendant, who was freed upon the first trial, commits another murder and at the same time someone goes about spreading the news that the prostitute is actually the lawyer's mother. In her eagerness to solve her mother’s case, Tien En bribed an eyewitness and was barred as a result. Will her wealthy boyfriend (played by Edmund Chen) be pressured into leaving her? It gets more intense when Tien En herself gets involved in a murder case. See how Cheng Jut-si who plays Tien En’s mentor encourages and motivates her at her darkest moment as well as how Wong Yat-wah steps in to help resolve her case.


Cast: Anita Yuen, Tim Lou, Wong Yat-wah, Kent Cheng, Pauline Yam, Lee Chan-sum,  Chan Si-choi, Choi Kwok-fai, Hoi Chun-kit, Leung Ka-yan, Lau Wing, Tien Niu, Simon Lui, Edmund Chen, Terence Cao, Yvonne Lim

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2002