Episodic Information

Khloe Wong (Hanli Hoefer), a charismatic but ruthless influencer, engineers a social media scandal to nab a starring role in acclaimed local director Bob Chandra’s (Ebi Shankara) highly-anticipated comeback movie. She murders her co-star, pop artist Chris Chan, in self-defense after his attempt to assault her sexually. She even leaks a private collection of compromising photos and videos on Chris’s phone, involving himself and various female celebrities to the media to cover up her crime.

Caught in Khloe’s machinations are Joshua Paul (J Kishan) and Anna Khoo (Naomi Yeo). Joshua, a web journalist sick of churning out clickbait, starts investigating Chris’ disappearance. He begins to suspect Khloe when he finds out that her version of events does not match up with the accounts of other female celebrities he interviewed. Anna, a radio DJ embroiled in the scandal, is deeply traumatised as she struggles to cope with the fallout the scandal leaves on both her career and personal life. Pressure mounts as suspicions on Khloe increases, how is she going to maintain her public image and at the same time cover up the murder?

Cast: Hanli Hoefer, J Kishan, Naomi Yeo, Ebi Shankara

Episodes: 10 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2020