When Duty Calls 卫国先锋

Episodic Information

Xu Long Bin (Romeo Tan) is a reservist officer who saved Chen Jin Bao’s (Pierre Png) life during a military exercise. Instead of being grateful, Jin Bao blames Long Bin for his damaged car. From then, the duo never see eye to eye. Lu Jun Guang (Desmond Tan) becomes their mediator and the three men eventually became friends. Jun Guang is in love with Shen Yi Xuan (Paige Chua), who cannot get over the memory of her dead boyfriend. While Bai Jing Yu (Felicia Chin), Jun Guang’s childhood friend, is always at his side through thick and thin. New recruit Yao Wei Guo (Shane Pow) dislikes Yang Xian Feng (Richie Koh) and constantly picks on him. But Xian Feng proves himself to be a kind and compassionate buddy, and they eventually become good friends. Their friendship is tested when they fall in love with the same girl. Long Bin, Jun Guang and Jin Bao are patrolling a restricted military area when they encounter a terrorist attack. Will they be able to put their military skills to good use and stop the terrorist attack?

Cast: Desmond Tan, Romeo Tan, Pierre Png, Paige Chua, Felicia Chin

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2017