The New Silk Road - Road to Russia

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China's trillion dollar Belt and Road Initiative is already changing the world in profound ways, and this year, CNA continues its coverage of this monumental plan in the China-Russia economic corridor.

China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Russia were once strong allies in the Cold War. Now, rapid transformation is happening in these countries, some of whom are still struggling to emerge from their communist past.
How will the Belt and Road Initiative impact Mongolia and integrate it into China’s masterplan for the 21st century? How will the Stan countries go from land-locked to land-linked countries? What is the nature of the new strategic partnership between Russia and China?

An alluring cocktail of travel intrigue, business stories and geopolitical analysis will be served up in this dynamic new series that undresses just what the BRI means for countries along the China-Russia economic corridor.

Host: Anthony Morse

Episode: 4 x 60 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2019