Tycoons China

Meet China’s biggest movers and shakers. They are ordinary men and women who have broken new grounds to transform the face of one of the world’s oldest civilizations. But they’re not just rags-to-riches businessmen - they are pioneers of new trends and technologies; razor sharp business moguls who saw a different future for China during some of its hardest times. This is a brand new series that brings you right into the lives of these visionaries as they continue to shape the face of an emerging China. From sharp-sighted real estate magnates to pioneers of the internet generation, this series brings you face to face with some of the most adventurous ground-breakers, and some of the most successful money-makers of the world’s 2nd largest economy. Hearing from colleagues, family members and some of their closest associates – as well as from the Tycoons themselves - helps uncover the secrets to their success.


Episodes: 8 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2015