Mat Yoyo 优优猫

Mat Yoyo is a whole new programme by MediaCorp targeted at young children, and the first ever in four languages - English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Named after the successful and popular hit children show in the 80’s of the same name, Mat Yoyo is designed as an info-educational series and aims to encourage children’s inquisitiveness and imagination through creative learning. An exciting and fun local icon that promotes good values, each episode will revolve around different themes including friendship, wild life, colours and much more. Furthermore, learn about the various topics as they are explained in detail through three comprehensive and holistic segments – Why Segment, Storytelling and Games Segment. Get excited! Mat Yoyo is all set to give its viewers a wonderful and beneficial learning experience!

Host: Ya Hui (Chinese), Kim Wakerman (English), Danial Ashriq (Malay), Ebi Shankara (Tamil)

Episodes: 13 x 30 mins (Chinese, Malay & Tamil), 20 x 30 mins (English) 

Languages: Chinese, English, Malay, Tamil

Production year: 2013