Legend Of The Snake Spirits 青蛇与白蛇

Adapted from the renowned Chinese folk story, Legend Of The Snake Spirits, this 45-episode blockbuster stars Mediacorp's top artistes Fann Wong and Christopher Lee and its filmed entirely in China. The story begins with the two snakes who are changed into two beauties. White Snake falls in love with a pedagogue, Xu Xian and marries him while Green Snake continues to enjoy her new-found status as a human beauty. White Snake's misfortune begins when Xu Xian discovers that she is a snake spirit. Fahai, the monk who vows to subdue the two snake spirits tries to break up Xu Xian and White Snake by kidnapping him. A battle soon ensues and in a twist of fate, White Snake gives birth to a new baby... .

Cast: Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Zhang Yuyan, Jiao En Jun, Qu Zhong Heng, Song Da Min, Piao Xiu Zhen, Li Liqun

Episodes: 45 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2001