Polo Boys 水球男孩

Polo Boys is a coming of age drama about a motley crew of diverse young men, brought together by a self-absorbed lecturer to form a water polo team. Are they able to overcome their inherent differences and mutual hostility to come together as a team? 21 year-old Boon Keong (Nat Ho) studies hard but has no passion for life. In his first year of University, all that is about to change when he joined the water polo team … Boon Keong never knew his father Greg (Adrian Pang) who disappeared before he was even born. Greg came back into Boon Keong’s life and enrolled himself into the same University as the latter and d also joined the same water polo team. The unconventional Greg is no father-figure but he is determined to be a part of Boon Keong’s life whether he likes it or not …

Cast: Adrian Pang, Nat Ho, Michelle Chia, Hansen Lee, Julian Low, Kiwi Lim, Vanessa Lim, Claire Jedrek, Primero Ang, Eddie Tioh, Paul Foster

Episodes: 13 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2009