All That Glitters 金色大道

Episodic Information


On a peaceful morning, a man trespasses a bungalow and ties up a woman, her son and the helper. He shoots dead the owner of the house, a businessman named He Jian Zhi, and runs off with all the cash and jewelry. The police soon identified the murderer and put out an alert for Liu Mu Sen, nicknamed Liu Mu, and his accomplice Huang Jin Tiao.

This is a story of three friends Liu Mu, Jin Tiao and Jian Zhi, who dwell in the underbelly of society and are driven to crime and eventually destruction as they try to rise above their fate. But what turned the friends into foes with the eventual murder of Jian Zhi by his supposed “brothers”? As Liu Mu and Jin Tiao go the run, the secrets and truths begin to unravel……

Cast: Desmond Tan, Ayden Sng, Jeremy Chan, Chantalle Ng, Hong Ling, He Ying Ying, Pan Ling Ling, Zhang Ze Tong, Chen Yixin, Gavin Teo, Tyler Ten, Guo Liang, Li Yinzhu, Hugo Goh, Edwin Goh


Episodes: 30 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2023