Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里

Episodic Information

The property prices in Singapore are at an all-time high, many home-owners were made millionaires because of collective sales to rich developers. But not all are swayed by the easy money…

Mei Hao Yuan is a timeworn condominium that holds many fond memories for its residences. A semi-retired old doctor who offers both medical and emotional advices to his neighbours, making him the pseudo “village head” of the condominium wants things to stay that way. An elderly couple does not want to sell their apartment because they hope to pass it on to their struggling son, for the fear that he may never be able to afford one himself in the most expensive city in the world. A devoted husband is trying to protect the home he shared with his wife in a bid to win back her love.    

Together they will go head-on with the rich developers and the majority of the residences who are eager to make a quick buck. But can they really protect their beautiful homes from falling prey to economic gains?

Cast: Zhu Hou Ren, Zhang Yao Dong, Pierre Png, Felicia Chin, Yao Wen Long, Kym Ng, Apple Chan, He Ying Ying, Chen Yixi, Fang Rong, Desmond Ng, Xiang Yun

Episode: 22 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2019