Spop Sing! Spop 听我唱

 Always wanted to join a singing contest but too shy to stand in front of a crowd? Don’t let your fears stand in your way, pop into the SPOP Sing! Egg Capsule and belt out your favourite song confidently!

In the Prelude of SPOP Sing!, three popular singer ambassadors set out with the Egg Capsule to search for new young singing sensations around Singapore. The round-the-island search will end with the selection of the top 20 contestants, who will go full force and compete on stage.    

The contestants will go through three rounds of Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals, where the emerging winner will get to record a song specially written for her/him! For each round of the competition, the contestants will be tested on their singing prowess where they will have to re-invent and perform a song made popular by a Singapore singer. SPOP Sing! is set to discover the next generation of singers that will put Singapore on the Mandopop map.      

Hosts: Bonnie Loo, Lee Teng, Gao Mei Gui

Ambassadors: Joanna Dong, Nathan Hartono, Boon Hui Lu

Judges: Billy Koh, Lee Shih Shiong, Jimmy Ye, Joi Chua

Episode: 1 x 30 mins ( Prelude ), 5 x 60 mins ( Quarter Finals) , 1 x 1.2 hr ( Semi Finals) , 1 x 3 hr ( Grand Finals)

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018