Star Search 才华横溢出新秀 2019

Episodic Information

Singapore’s most influential talent show Star Search 2019 returns after a 9-year hiatus. An island-wide talent search and extensive ground engagement will sieve out the best of 24 contestants!

Unlike the contest from previous years, this refreshed format will see these 24 contestants divided into three groups, and each group will be placed under the charge of a Star Coach. Each Star Coach will guide and impart their acting chops to the young talents before they compete in front of ‘live’ audiences starting from the Semi Finals.

During the Semi Finals, 24 contestants will be whittled down to 12, who gets to proceed to the Grand Finals. Each contestant has to perform and act before live audiences where they are judged by a panel consisting of both local and foreign celebrities and professionals. They are evaluated based on their charisma, confidence and ability to perform under pressure. And finally, a dazzling star of a new era will emerge!

Star Coaches: Chen Han Wei, Huang Biren, Christopher Lee

Hosts: Guo Liang, Kym Ng

Episode: Semi Finals - 2  x 2 hr, Grand Finals - 1 x 3 hr

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2019