The Games We Played 那些年我们一起玩的游戏

The Games We Played aims to revive and relive the games we used to play in the past, and in Singapore’s context, this means zero-point, five stones, chapteh, one-legged jump, just to name a few. The Games We Played will invite celebrities of different generations to compete in friendly matches. While the older generation reminisces about old times, the younger generation gets a glimpse at the lives of bygone years. Each episode will be held in iconic places in Singapore, from Chinatown to Shenton Way as well as other neighborhoods where the participants will play games that are relevant to each location. Six celebrities will be invited for every episode to compete against each other in a team of three.


Host: Bryan Wong, Roy Loi

Episodes: 13 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2015