Inside Maximum Security

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Five hardened criminals, one unique prison, in a ground-breaking observational documentary.

Singapore’s Changi Prison is a concrete purgatory, spartan to the extreme. There are no beds, no pillows and no chairs in the cells. A shower is done stooping above a toilet hole. Humiliating strip searches are routine, as a matter of security. Yet, practiced in this prison are some of the most sophisticated methods to reform the hearts and minds of the most recalcitrant prisoners. So much so that Singapore’s reoffending rates are among the lowest globally. Yet even at those low rates, at least one in five inmates are back in jail within two years after their release.

For the first time ever, five inmates, incarcerated multiple times and at least once at maximum security, agree to reveal their full identities, for our cameras to capture their lives behind bars, as they unfold. Will the regime in jail finally be enough for them to renounce a life of crime? Will this be their final stint in Changi Prison?

Awards and Accolades: 

World Media Festivals Television & Corporate Media Awards 2022 -

Documentaries: Human Relations and Values - Gold (EP4 – Road To Freedom)

2022 Asian Academy Creative Awards National Winners -

Best Direction (Non-Fiction) [Road to Freedom]


Episodes: 4 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2022