Into the Vault

We take four Singaporeans, with four burning questions about the past, and send them on a mission to find answers that lie deep within Singapore’s National Archives. So begins their quest filled with intrigue and surprises. Who is the mysterious woman who sang a goosebump-inducing song about Hitler during World War 2? Why was an ordinary Malay man invited to attend the King of England’s coronation with a war hero? What’s the story behind the curiously-named 100-year-old music score sheet, Chu Chin Chow? And what can a lost rambutan orchard tell us about our past? 

As they turn to the National Archives for clues, these four curious citizens also meet historians and other ordinary Singaporeans who help them uncover fragments of history, and piece together four astonishing stories not found in your average history book.

Episode: 4 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2019