Undercover Asia 亚洲机密档案

Episodic Information

CNA's award-winning investigative series Undercover Asia uncovers the hard truths in the underbelly of Asia, and exposes the unintended fallout of change in the fast-moving continent.

In this season, we investigate:

  1. The outcome of rules prohibiting maids from getting pregnant in Singapore
  2. How profit is driving millions of women in India to undergo unnecessary c-sections
  3. The hidden dangers of Mukbang videos
  4. The unintended fallout of policies to destress kids in China
  5. The impact of delisting of Cannabis as a narcotic in Thailand
  6. The vaping invasion in Southeast Asia


Awards and Accolades: 

New York Festivals: World’s Best Tv & Film 2015 -

National/International Affairs 2015 (Silver: Freedom or Death) 

Asian Television Awards 2016 -

Best Current Affairs Programme (Won:North Korean Slaves)

Best Current Affairs Programme (Highly Commended : Children of the Cybersex Dens) 

Best Current Affairs Programme (Nominee: Murder in Paradise) 

New York Festivals: World’s Best Tv & Film 2016 -

Current Affairs (Nominee:Cambodia's Sexual Predators) 

Best Direction (Nominee:Cambodia's Sexual Predators) 

Docu/Info Prog: Human Concerns (Bronze: Cambodia's Sexual Predators)

News Prog: News Doc Special (Special: Voices Under the Mango Tree)

News Prog: Best Nonfiction Series (Gold: Voices Under the Mango Tree,
Cambodia's Sexual Predators, Black Lungs ) 

Docu/Info Prog: CA (Gold: Voices Under the Mango Tree) 

Docu/Info Prog: Health/Medical Info (Silver: Black Lungs) 

Docu/Info Prog: Social Issues (Bronze: Girls for Sale) 

Docu/Info Prog: Social Issues (Silver: The Organ Bazaar) 

New York Festivals: World’s Best Tv & Film 2017 - 

National/International Affairs (Gold: North Korean Slaves) 

Best Investigative Report (Bronze: North Korean Slaves) 

Current Affairs (Bronze: North Korean Slaves) 

Current Affairs (Silver: Children of the Cybersex Dens) 

News Programme - Best News Documentray/Special (Bronze: The Man in the Yellow Shirt)

Docu/Info Prog - Environment & Ecology (Finalist: Blood Jade) 

Docu/Info Prog - Human Concerns (Silver: Kasur's Lost Children)

New York Festivals : World’s Best Tv & Film 2018 - 

News - Best Investigative Report (Silver: Drug Vigilantes)

Docu - Social Issues (Bronze: Mistress Busters) 

Docu - Social Issues (Finalist:In the Name of Honour)

News - Best News Docu/Special (Bronze: In the Name of Honour)

Docu – Social Issues (Silver:Lonely Deaths) 

The Association for International Broadcasting 2016 -

International Current Affairs (Nominee: Children of the Cybersex Den) 

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2020 - 

Docu - Social Issues (Silver: Evaporated People)

World Media Festival 2021 -

Documentaries: Economy (Gold: South Korea: Drowning in Debt)

New York Festivals TV & Films Awards 2021 -

Current Affairs [Airpocalypse] (Finalist)

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2022 - 

News: Program – Best Investigative Report (Bronze: Shipwreck Robberies)

News: Program – Best News Documentary/Special (Bronze: The Ugly Side Of Beauty)

Documentary – Human Concerns (Finalist: Make Me Taller)

World Media Festivals Television & Corporate Media Awards 2022 -

Documentaries: Environmental Protection - Gold (Undercover Asia 9 – EP1: China’s Pet Economy)

Documentaries: Human Concerns - Gold (Undercover Asia 8 – The Ugly Side Of Beauty)

2022 Asian Academy Creative Awards National Winners -

Best Current Affair Programme or Series (Undercover Asia 9 - China’s Pet Economy)

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2023 - 

Investigative Journalism - Undercover Asia 9: Baiting the Scammers (Silver)

World Media Festivals Television & Corporate Media Awards 2023 -

Documentaries: Social Equity and Inclusion - Asian Hate (Gold)

Documentaries: Covid-19 Topics - School's Out (Gold)

Documentaries: Global Issues - A New Force Of Terror (Gold)

14th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards -

Human Concerns and Social Issues (Silver: A Million Cuts: India’s C-Section Epidemic)

New York Festivals TV and Films Awards 2024 -

Documentary - Health/Medical Information (Silver: Tainted Medicine Scandal)

Documentary – Nature & Wildlife (Bronze: Inside The Exotic Butterfly Trade)


Episodes: 10 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2023