After the Stars 攻星计

Episodic Information

A struggling starlet Tian Ai (Jeanette Aw) was dragged through the mud when a senior smeared her reputation. But in a turn of event, her reputation was revived, winning her not just fans and sponsors but also an international award. But on the day of the award, Tian Ai met with an accident and her face was disfigured…

Many years later, Tian Ai has switched career and is now an artiste manager at Guo Yu’s (Shaun Chen) company. Guo Yu poaches a top notch artiste manager Yi Ting (Jojo Goh), and Tian Ai often competes with her to come out top. But admiration and friendship soon develop between the two, however that was put to the test when both women fell in love with Guo Yu.  

Tian Ai regains the memory she lost during her accident, and remembers how Guo Yu treated her in the past. Her love turns to hatred as she sets about exacting her revenge, but when she finds out the truth behind Guo Yu’s past action, she is devastated...can she still turn back time and stop the wheel of vengeance?

Cast: Shaun Chen, Jeanette Aw, Jojo Goh, Kelly Liao, Cynthia Koh, He Ying Ying, Steven Chiang, Lin Mei Jiao, Danny Lee, Jasmine Sim, Brian Ng, Chen Bei Jiang,Dawn Yeoh, Christopher Lee, Apple Hong, Darren Lim

Episode: 22 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2019