All Around You 回路网

Episodic Information

Xin Tong (Chantalle Ng) works for a secretive public relations company Shadow. In a chance encounter with Shi Yang (Zhang Ze Tong), she helped him regain his job as a waiter after he was fired from the restaurant due to an online complaint by an unhappy customer. Xin Tong was able to do so by shifting online opinions of netizens. Impressed, Shi Yang joins Shadow and works alongside IT expert Wei Ren (Shane Pow) and lifestyle influencer Bao Bao (Regene Lim). The young team helps their unique set of clients deal with online problems, especially those suffering from cyber bullying and falsehoods. However, Shi Yang soon discovers that each team member is more connected than they thought, all four had been victims of online crime, and are in some way linked to the founder of Shadow, Huo Jun Hao (Desmond Tan). Who is Jun Hao and what is his purpose for hiring them? Is he working for the common good or what malicious intent is he hiding?

Cast: Chantalle Ng, Zhang Ze Tong, Shane Pow, Regene Lim, Desmond Tan, Romeo Tan, Gini Chang, Ye Jia Yun, Priscelia Chan, Yao Wen Long, Herman Keh, Kiki Lim, Felicia Chin, Brandon Wong, Sheryl Ang, Zhai Si Ming, Aileen Tan, Tyler Ten, Juin Teh, Jernelle Oh, Zane Lim, Vanessa Ho

Episodes: 5 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2020