I Do, Do I? 嫁給不同世界的你

I Do, Do I? 嫁給不同世界的你


Danni & Yumi run a photography café. Yumi has a long-distance relationship with an Italian with marriage plan this year. Yumi’s cousin Johan, surprises everyone by marrying a Thai woman named Fon. Korean daughter-in-law Yihua meets Danni and Yumi through business. Danni helps when the international couples face problem, but unexpectedly, her son gets involved in one of the couples’ relationship.

Casts: Felicia Chin, Ferlyn Wong, Panitsara Yang, Zong Zijie, Tyler Ten, Jason Godfrey, Cynthia Koh, Kevin Tan, Aileen Tan, Marcus Chin, Juin Teh, Herman Keh, Pierre Png, Kayly

Episodes: 20 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2023