Slow Dancing

Episodic Information


A heroine with no superpowers – just good sense and a pure heart. This is a story about love and betrayal spiced up with suspense and mystery.

16-year old Isla met her Prince Charming Kaden at her fairytale birthday ball. Five years later and in a strange twist of fate, she becomes Kaden’s fiancée, albeit a fake one. Kaden suffers from temporary blindness due to an accident, and thinks that Isla is his fiancée Evangeline, who has actually passed on. Isla realizes there is more than meets the eye over Kaden’s accident, and sets on a quest to find out the truth. The gutsy Isla is no damsel in distress, and she unflinchingly faces the challenges as she is bent on protecting Kaden from the danger and threats he faces. Will Isla eventually free her Prince Charming and have a happily ever after?

Awards and Accolades: 

Asian Academy Creative Awards National Winners 2021 -

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Gurmit Singh

Cast: Zhang Ze Tong, Tay Ying, Gurmit Singh, Hossan Leong, Gina Tan, Aaron Mossadeg, Udaya Soundari, Jamil Schulze, Joshua Marc, Eelyn Kok, Krissy Jesudason, Gerald Chew

Episodes: 6 x 30 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2021