Teenage Textbook: The Series

Episodic Information


Teenage Textbook – The Series is a coming-of-age comedy following a spunky student's goal on wining a coveted internship at poly amidst the distractions of family, friendships and romance.

17-year-old Mui Ee has only one goal – become an engineer and get a secure job. Just follow the SOP and everything will be ok…right? Of course not! We’re talking teenagers here - first year poly students navigating the perils of teen romance, social media minefields, annoying cliques, late assignments and over-zealous parents. There are no SOPs!

A reluctant Mui Ee is soon pulled into the web of teen drama involving herself, her friends and the hottest boy in poly. To make things worse, Mui Ee has to babysit her dad as he tries to turn the book, “The Teenage Textbook “ into a modern-day app for teens.  With all the drama swirling around, Mui Ee has to eventually confront her greatest fear – if she deviates from the set path, will she make an irreversible decision she’ll regret for the rest of her life? Mui Ee thinks she knows the answer to that, and part of the fun is finding out if she’s right!

Cast: Ong Yi Xuan, Tay Ping Hui, Tan Yi Xin, Chris Mak, Gavin Teo, Krish Natarajan, Syukii Wan, Jermaine Leong, Janice Koh, Cynthia Macquarrie, Keagan Kang, Amy Cheng, Darren Lim, Karen Tan

Episodes: 13 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2021