Remarkable Living

Episodic Information

The fifth season of Remarkable Living will continue to feature people and places that are changing and challenging the notion of luxury with their talent and passion. More people across the world are tuning their lives towards value and quality as they seek out niche experiences and products which offer a unique style and expression.


Awards and Accolades: 

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2020 - 

Entertainment Program: Lifestyle - Silver (No One Influences My Style)

Asian Academy Creative Awards 2020 –

Best Lifestyle Programme: Remarkable Living SR 2 (Awarded)

World Media Festival 2021 –

Documentaries: Lifestyle: Remarkable Living SR 2

New York Festivals TV and Films Awards 2021 -

Lifestyle Program : Remarkable Living SR 2 (Finalist)

World Media Festivals Television & Corporate Media Awards 2022 -

Documentaries: Lifestyle - Gold (Remarkable Living 4)


Episode: 6 x 30 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2023