The Deep S4


Ant and Fontaine follow clues to find their missing grandparents that lead them all over the amazing underwater world!

After their grandparents disappeared on a mysterious mission a few years ago, Ant and Fontaine thought they’d never see them again. But new evidence suggests that feisty Kathryn and unflappable Jacques could still be out there! The Nekton’s quest for answers takes them all over the world, but only leads to more questions! They’ll encounter new, incredible creatures, investigate more myths and legends, and reunite with friends and foes like the Dark Orca Pirates, The Guardians and Devil Daniels. Eventually, their clues will lead them to their most elaborate and dangerous mission yet. Could this be the moment they finally get to reunite with their beloved grandparents?


Episodes: 13 x 30 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2023