Life Fear Not 人生无所畏

The story revolves around the Zhuang family who runs and resides in a small inn “Rest House”. Zhuang Shu Qing (Chen Shu Cheng) is the head of the family; he is kind-hearted and is always willing to go all out to help others. His eldest son, Zhuang Dao Qiang (Rayson Tan) is a secondary school Vice Principal. He is a refined man who is deeply in love with the inn manager, Lin Jia Jia (Chen Li Ping). The third daughter, Zhuang Dao Han (Felicia Chin), has many past relationships and has a very candid personality. The youngest son, Zhuang Dao Ren (Aloysius Pang), is quirky in nature. He dreams of making it big and always thinks of ways to make a quick fortune. He meets self-proclaimed policewoman, Bai Mei Gui (Carrie Wong). He eventually falls in love with her. Though the Zhuangs lives together harmoniously, but there are times when the siblings turn against each other. Shui Qing suffers from memory lapses and could no longer carry out his duties. Dao Ren suggests selling off “Rest House” and divides the profits. His suggestion faces violent objection from the rest of the family members and their relationship soured. After much trial and tribulations, the Zhuangs finally understands the importance of family unity. They put aside all their grudges and reconcile with each other. Life Fear Not features various short stories with different themes about life. As the story progresses, each character will learn some valuable life lesson, but most importantly one should learn to lead a fulfilling and fearless life.

Cast: Chen Shu Cheng, Chen Li Ping, Rayson TanFelicia Chin, Aloysius Pang, Carrie Wong, Zhang Yao Dong, Zheng Ge Ping, Brandon Wong, Lin Mei Jiao, Bonnie Loo, Chen Guo Hua, Hong Hui Fang, Zhu Hou Ren

Episodes: 120 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2016