Portrait of Home 同心圆

The House of Zhou is a high profile household in the condominium apartment block where they live which includes six units on three floors. The lady of the household, Li Tian, is the woman behind the scenes who steers the operation of their substantial fishball production factory "Tong Xin Yuan". They supply fishballs to not only the local market, but also export overseas as well. The man of the household does not carry the surname Zhou, and instead, is of the surname Lin. The man who started "Tong Xin Yuan" was Zhou Dong, who married the prettiest lass in the factory, Li Tian. They had three sons - Da Di, Da Shan and Da Qiu. Unfortunately, Zhou Dong was kidnapped, and apparently killed. After "Tong Xin Yuan" lost its director, Lin Shi Tou took on the responsibilities of running the. Subsequently, Lin Shi Tou married Li Tian, and officially took his place as the head of "Tong Xin Yuan". They had three sons - Da Hai, Da Yang and Da Jiang. The House of Zhou faces a crisis of internal war - the successor of “Tong Xin Yuan”. Li Tian hopes for her family to remain loving and united forever. Will her wishes come true? Can the legendary fishball empire continue to be passed on for many generations?

Cast: Louise Lee, Cavin Soh, Cynthia Koh, Terence Cao, Pierre Png, Adrian Pang, Yao Wen Long, Zhang Yao Dong, Richard Low

Episodes: 40 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2005