2000 AD 公元2000

The Air Force is testing out the new Y2K system; everything goes well and is compliant. But a private jet suddenly explodes over the Singapore air space. Greg, a programmer of Y2K solutions, decides to return to Hong Kong from the United States to investigate since his boss is on the fateful flight. In the midst of the investigation, Greg becomes a suspect instead and is eventually killed in front of his brother Peter.

Peter finds link to Singapore in his brother’s death, together with his brother’s girlfriend Salina and best friend Benny; they make a trip to Singapore. But what awaits them is a conspiracy that involves CIA Agent Kelvin, and Singapore’s police officer Eric Ong. Can Peter clear his brother’s name and save his own life, while also saving the world from an impending catastrophe?

Cast: Aaron Kwok, Phyllis Quek, Daniel Wu, James Lye, Andrew Lien

Director: Gordon Chan

Duration: 103 mins

Languages: Chinese