Painted Skin 画皮

A mystical tale adapted from the popular Chinese classics The Strange Tales of Liao Zhai, a fox spirit Xiaowei manages to wriggle her way into the household of General Wang Sheng. His wife Peirong is suspicious of Xiaowei but is unable to prove it to him. Murders and bodies start to pile up in the city, all of them with their hearts dug out. Xiaoyi, another spirit who is in love with Xiaowei, kills the men in order to feed their hearts to Xiaowei, who needs it in order to keep her human form.

Peirong accidentally witnesses Xiaowei’s transformation one day. To stop Xiaowei from taking more lives, Peirong gives up her status as Wang Sheng’s wife to Xiaowei and will take the blame for the murders, if only she will stop the killing. Xiaowei feeds Peirong poison which turns the latter into a white-haired demoness. Wang Sheng chases Peirong and kills her, but later regrets his action and kills himself too. Xiaowei realizes that Wang Sheng only loves his wife, and now only she has the powers to revive them, but she will lose her human form and turn back into a fox…

Cast: Donnie Yen, Zhou Xun, Vicki Zhao, Chen Kun, Sun Li

Director: Gordon Chan

Duration: 115 mins

Languages: Chinese