Sing to the Dawn 曦望

Based on the award-winning novel by Minfong Ho, Sing to the Dawn is the coming-of-age story of a girl fighting for her right to basic education and achieving her dreams.

Dawan lives in a small village but dreams of getting an education rather than marrying the village head’s son. She manages to win herself a scholarship but that only causes more rift between her family and her.

The village is at risk of being torn down and its residents ousted by the village head as he makes plan to build a casino. But Dawan discovers a secret that will help save the village. With the aid of some clever animals and the reluctant help of Kai, Dawan needs to overcome dangerous obstacles and the traditional limits placed upon her. Will she save the village in time? Will she finally get her father’s consent to study in the big city and making her dreams come true?

Cast: Celine Rosa Tan, Jason Chan, Lim Kai Siu, Andrew Lua, Neo Swee Lin, Jamie Tan, Joe Murray, Andrew Lua, Eunice Olsen, Denise Tan, Jaimie Meldrum

Director: Philip Mitchell

Duration: 80 mins

Languages: English