The Eye 见鬼

After living in a world of darkness for 20 years, Mandy finally regains her eyesight through a retina transplant. Amidst the excitement of seeing the colourful new world for the first time, she soon realises that she has gotten more than what she asked for – she sees the other world too!

Unable to distinguish human from ghosts, Mandy is not aware of the spirits around her. One day, she shockingly finds out that the image she has been seeing in the mirror is not hers but that of the retina donor Dawn. Mandy traces the origin of the retina to Thailand where Dawn lives. She finds out that Dawn committed suicide to stop the curse, but not realising that the curse is now on Mandy. Dawn lures Mandy to commit suicide in order to stop the curse. Will Mandy kill herself to put an end to this curse? Or will she cause more deaths?

Cast: Angelica Lee Sin-Je, Lawrence Chou, Candy Lo, Chutcha Rujinanon, Pierre Png

Director: Danny Pang and Oxide Chun Pang

Duration: 110 mins

Languages: Chinese