The Eye 2 见鬼2

Joey recovers from an overdose of sleeping pills after having her stomach pumped. It was a close call; she had visions of dead people accompanying her during her darkest minutes. But now that she is blessed with a second chance, she vows never to return to self-destruction again, or to Sam -- her romantic interest. But she found herself pregnant, and soon she realizes that the strangers she sees around her are not the living.
Stalked by a mysterious woman, Joey one day sees her jumping off the train platform but later discovering no body the track! The fate of this mystery woman soon becomes clear, she will be reincarnated as Joey’s unborn child! If Karma is the explanation, what good or evil could she have done to this unknown woman? Or… has she? Joey is determined to unveil the identity of the mysterious woman, but every truth comes with a cost… and this one in particular is not what Joey can afford.

Cast: Shu Qi, Jesdaporn Pholdee, Eugenia Yuan

Director: Danny Pang and Oxide Pang

Duration: 98 mins

Languages: Chinese