The Tattooist 血纹

The Tattooist 血纹

American tattoo artist Jake Sawyer is a lover of ethnic art and uses it for his tattoo designs. At a tattoo expo in Singapore, he discovers the exotic world of traditional Samoan tattoo (tatau) in the work of Alipati. Jake also meets and falls in love with Alipati's beautiful cousin, Sina.

When Jake impulsively steals an ancient Samoan tattooing tool, he unwittingly unleashes a powerful angry spirit. Suddenly, his tattoo art takes on a frightening new dimension, putting everyone around him in peril. At a lost, Jake decides to travel back to Auckland with Alipati and Sina to try and find out the mystery behind this age-old Samoan curse. In Auckland he runs into his old adversary, tattoo artist Crash, and also the respected Samoan elder Aleki Va'a who seems to be preventing him from uncovering the truth. His investigation takes him on a devastating journey right into the heart of Pacific mysticism. There, Jake must recover his own soul if he is to save the woman he loves and also his own life.

Cast: Jason Behr, Mia Blake, David Fane, Caroline Cheong

Director: Peter Burger

Duration: 92mins

Languages: English