Dance Subaru 舞吧!昂

Dance Subaru 舞吧!昂

Adapted from a popular Japanese manga of the same title, Dance Subaru! tells the captivating tale of a young aspiring ballerina living in adversity. Subaru and her twin brother Kazuma share a dream of becoming ballet dancers. Kazuma unexpectedly dies from an illness, and dancing becomes Subaru’s only happiness as she loses herself in it.
Subaru’s life takes a dramatic turn when she meets cabaret owner Isuzu, who sees the special talent in Subaru and starts training her at the nightspot. But to become a professional ballerina, she needs to overcome harsher challenges than just merely satisfying the cabaret’s drunkards. Spurred on by her rivals, Subaru enters an international dance competition, to vie for recognition and a scholarship to any top ballet company in the world.

Cast: Meisa Kuroki, Sano Miku, Ara, Yuta Hiraoka, Ken Maeda, Toshio Kakei, Momoi Kaori

Director: Chi-ngai Lee

Duration: 114 mins

Languages: Japanese