We Are Family 左麟右李

We Are Family 左麟右李

Li Zhijie is on top of the world, with a flourishing Feng Shui business and a beautiful and gentle girlfriend Huang Jinfeng. Although they have been together for many years, Jinfeng has many times rejected Zhijie’s marriage proposal much to his chagrin. One day, Jinfeng finally accepts his proposal and wants him to meet her family. Thinking that he is all set in life, Zhijie meets Jinfeng’s family for the first time and suffers a rude shock. Not only are they difficult to please, they are constantly making things difficult for him. Zhijie is determined to win them over with his wit and love, and resolves to marry Jinfeng at cost!

Cast: Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Jing Hu, Joey Leung, Sammul Chan

Director: Kim Wah Lo and Clifton Ko

Duration: 95 mins

Languages: Chinese