A Legendary Knight 楚留香传奇

The bodies of the chiefs from Tian Xing Men, the Zhu Sha clan, the Hai Nan clan and King of the Desert are found floating in the sea. They are Zuo You Zheng, Xi Men Qian, Ling Jiu Zi and Zha Mu He. Although their wounds seem to suggest that they killed each other in a fight, Chu Liu Xiang (Ken Chu) is of the view that it is the work of a highly sophisticated killer with a hidden agenda! He disguises his identity before setting off to Jinan for investigation. It is a dangerous trip as those who knew the details are silenced. Despite great dangers and threats, he manages to discover that each of them received a letter before being murdered. With his wit and courage, he also manages to overcome all the obstacles to find evidence that links these four murders to the wife of the previous chief of the Beggar clan, and discovers her plot.

Cast: Ken Chu, Cui Peng, Chen Haomin, Wang Chuanyi, Xiao Qiang

Episodes: 43 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2006