Fairy of the Chalice 夜光神杯

It is said that anyone who finds the enchanted “Fairy Chalice” will be granted three wishes. By chance, the chalice falls into the hands of a young scholar named Zhang Feng (Roger Kwok). Yet, Zhang’s brief fortune is disrupted when his right-hand servant, Cao Jing (Christopher Lee), stole the chalice and even abducted his wife, Xiu Xiu (Liu Tao). Zhang’s subsequent actions lead him into a war between Scared and Barbarian territories. During this period, the celestial fairy (Yvonne Lim) guarding the chalice falls in love with Zhang. On the day of their matrimony, Zhang discovers the whereabouts of his wife and the traitorous Cao. What will be the outcome of the feud between Zhang and Cao? And between his old and new lover, who will he choose to be with?

Cast: Christopher Lee, Yvonne Lim, Darren Lim, Roger Kwok, Zhang Ting, Joelle Lu, Liu Tao, Zhao Zicun, Cui po, Chen Long, Yue Yaoli, Wang Yanbin, He Sirong

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2006