Hero of The Times 新方世玉

A blockbuster biopic immortalizing the Chinese folk hero, Fang Shi Yu. Renown martial arts actor Chiu Mun Cheok plays the title character who is constantly kept out of trouble by his comical mother, played by Taiwanese Queen of tearjerkers, Liu Xue Hua. It also stars Vincent Ng as Fang’s kung-fu buddy and rising stars Yvonne Lim and May Phua as Fang’s lovers. Expect lots of impressive and exhilarating and fighting sequences between the agile Fang and his arch rivals in a clash of the titans.

Cast: Chiu Mun Chiok, Liu Xuehua, Li Wenhai, Vincent Ng, Rayson Tan, May Phua, Ix Shen, Yvonne Lim

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 1999