Lu Xiao Feng 陆小凤传奇

A household name known for remarkable genius, Xiao Feng (Julian Cheung) earned his reputation by solving numerous cases of frightening and distressing conspiracies in the imperial court. With his admirable team of allies, Xiao Feng has to tackle bitter foes like the elusive riddle-stashed "Gold Roc", vehement martial-skill master "Iron Shoes", soaring two-face "Cloud Tower" and other venomous rouges. However, Xiao Feng is thrown into utter disarray when the royal princess is kidnapped. With no clear leads at hand, will Xiao Feng and his friends be able to find another clever way out of the present crisis?

Cast: Fann Wong, Julian Cheung, Xi Menchuixue, Xu Shaojiang, Zhang Zhiyao, Liang Xiaobing, Huang Yifei, Zhang Daming, Li Shanshan, He Jiajin, Lian Kai

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2009