My Fair Lady 钟无艳

According to the legend, during the Period of the Warring States, there was a woman gifted with immense abilities. Her name is Zhong Wu Yan. Among the many talented individuals of that era, she stands out from the crowd, due in no small part to her knowledge of warfare, weapons and magic. Her gifts bring her to the attention of Emperor Qi, who takes her as his bride in order to help him manage the kingdom. Zhong Wu Yan proceeds to overhaul the country, bringing with her revolutionary ideas that scandalized the entrenched bureaucracy and throatens to turn the kingdom on its head. Zhong Wu Yan also has to contend with four beautiful fox spirits in human form, who are sent by Qi's enemies to beguile the emperor and distract him from his duties. Emperor Qi's fondness for worldly pleasures thus weakensed the country and makes it easy prey for its enemies. Disappointed, Zhong Wu Yan left the emperor. However, Emperor Qi comes to his senses in time. Touched by his sincerity in wanting to right his wrongs, Zhong Wu Yan returnsto his side and together, they guide Qi to glory again.

Cast: Gallen Lo, Fann Wong, Chen ShaSha, Hai Jun Jie, Huang Yi Shan, Wang Xiu Ling, Peng Hui Jun, Yvonne Lim

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2005