The Scarlet Kid 红孩儿

Set in ancient Chinese mythologies and folklore, this story follows the legendary tales of Red Child (Ding Zijia). After failing to steal the scared scriptures from Buddhist monk, Xuanzang, Red Child was subdued and brought under the control of Bodhisattva, Guanyin. After ceasing from Guanyin's tutoring and discipline, Red Child returns to mortal world to find his parents, the mighty Bull Demon (Jiao Enjun) and Iron Fan Princess (Ye Tong). Together, they fight against conspiracies and conflicts from the eminent Dragon dynasty and other devious and formidable demons. Refined by different trials and tribulations, Red Child becomes a faithful and devout servant to the merciful Bodhisattva.

Cast: Phyllis Quek, Ding Zijia, Jiao Enjun, Ye Tong, Tian Hairong, Chen Shanshan, Dai Chunrong, Lou Nanguang, Yue Yaoli

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2008