Blue Tick 已读不回

Episodic Information

Ten strangers, a funeral and one mysterious message. Get all caught up in the twists and turns in this mystery thriller, based on Hong Kong author Ray Leung’s bestselling novel, where unsuspecting funeral attendees get murdered one by one, after a message sent to their deceased friend is marked as read.

Casts: Wong You Nam (HK),  Liu Kai Chi (HK) and Law Kar Ying (HK), Desmond Tan (SG), Ya Hui (SG), Jeffrey Xu (SG) , Sheila Sim (SG ), Bonde Sham (HK), Scarlett Wong (HK), Dixon Wong (HK), Colin Chan (HK), Hailey Chan (HK)

Episodes: 20 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018