Code of Law

Episodic Information

Who lives and who dies in this explosive final season as the police finds themselves mired in a series of compelling cases and the escape of the highly intelligent serial killer Derek Ho.   

The police finds themselves mired in a series of high profile and headline grabbing crimes, a Livestream Killer gripping the public’s attention, the mysterious death of an 11 year-old girl, and a cold case of 20 years ago. But nothing prepares them for the escape of Singapore’s most prolific serial killer Derek Ho! This “nice Singaporean boy” escaped from captivity with the accidental help of psychologist Dr Winnie Low. It’s a race against time as they try re-capture the highly intelligent Derek and it will be a final reckoning for all who are involved, who lives and who dies…on Judgement Day?  

Cast: Fauzie Laily, Jitenram Kiran Bala, Michelle Wong, Ian Fang, Sharon Ismail, Adrian Pang, Janice Koh, Rosalyn Lee, Aaron Mossadeg, Desmond Tan, Cheryl Chitty Tan, Munah Bhagarib

Episodes: 15 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2020