Close Your Eyes 闭上眼就看不见

Xiaoyou  ( Vanessa Koh) was a cheerful and bubbly girl. Newly enrolled into junior college along with her best friend, Angie (Valnice Yek) , they were both freshmen. That was where they met the shy Zhiyuan(Edwin Goh) and Asher (Zhai Si Ming). Asher is attracted by Angie's beautiful appearance and the duo soon got together. As time passed, the 4 of them had found themselves forming a clique of their own.

However, what they didn’t expect awaiting them were a series of obstacles, all revolving around Xiaoyou, that put their friendship at risk. Xiaoyou, feeling neglected by Angie, along with the feeling of jealousy, soon interfered with the couple’s relationship, which eventually led to her meeting with Angie’s father, Dr Joe (Allan Wu), appearing to be a helping hand for Xiaoyou. Just when Xiaoyou thought she had a sole listener to fall back to, it turns out Dr Joe wasn’t as simple as he seems, realizing that this was only the beginning of her and her friend’s troubles. What exactly are Dr Joe’s intentions? Will the clique overcome these challenges and help Xiaoyou?

Cast: Vanessa Koh, Edwin Goh, Zhai Si Ming, Valnice Yek, Allan Wu

Episode: 14 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018