Doppelganger 入侵者

Episodic Information

Yang Li Wei (Christopher Lee) is a successful financial consultant and made money through his keen sense of investment. However, he finds himself debt-ridden and lost all his savings after one bad investment. Tycoon Li Rui Ming (Christopher Lee) went missing during an accident. Li Wei decides to impersonate him since they share an uncanny resemblance, hoping to get himself out of his predicament. Instead of the luxurious life he hoped for, Li Wei has to deal with Rui Ming’s pestering mistress and malicious brother. He is forced into bankruptcy, but Rui Ming’s wife, Wang Si Ting (Fann Wong), stood by him with her unwavering support. Li Wei falls in love with Si Ting. Rui Ming reappears out of nowhere and Li Wei’s identity is exposed! How will Li Wei get himself out of the situation? And who will Si Ting choose in the end?

Cast: Christopher Lee, Fann Wong, Xu Bin, Jasmine Sim

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018