If Only I Could 十年…你还好吗?

Huo Xi Wen (Paige Chua) married Huang De Gang (Elvin Ng) against her parents’ wishes. Xi Wen and De Gang worked hard at their business and eventually expanded their single storefront into 20 outlets across the country. With his newfound success, De Gang started having affairs with several women. Xi Wen, who is about to go into labor, gives up hope on De Gang. Tragedy strikes as she loses her baby during childbirth. She also learned that her father committed suicide because of financial difficulties caused by De Gang. She blames De Gang for all these misfortunes and regrets marrying him. Chen Zhen Hao (Rui En) suffers a similar tragic life. To get herself off the shelf, she hastily married Da Xian (Andie Chen) and started a family with him. Da Xian earns just enough to sustain the family yet he is extremely generous towards friends and family members in need. Da Xian’s mother, Xiu Mei (Hong Huifang), never liked Zhen Hao, and his younger sister, Xiao Qi (Hayley Woo), constantly goes to him for money. The couple only has one child, Zi Jun, who suffers from hyperactivity disorder, and often gets into trouble at school. On top of her existing problems, she is diagnosed with breast cancer. She finally snaps and decides to leave her family once and for all. Zhen Hao meets Xi Wen and they reminisce about their past in school. They never expected to meet each other again, in their respective pathetic state, and could not help but wish for a chance to rewrite the present. Miraculously, their wish came true, and they returned to the year 2006. They are determined not to repeat their mistakes in this ‘second’ life. What will Xi Wen and Zhen Hao do to change their fate? Can they eventually find the key to their happiness?

Cast: Rui En, Andie Chen, Paige Chua, Elvin Ng, Hong Hui Fang, You Yi, Lin Mei Jiao, Li Wenhai, Hayley Woo, Tracy Lee, Rynn Lim

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2016