Mission Possible 小村大任务

The first episode of Mission Possible follows Fann Wong and artist Patrick to a village in Northern Thailand, Ban Arunotai. Many of the villagers are illegal immigrants from Burma and as such, are unable to find proper jobs to escape poverty. Fann and Patrick will interact with children from an orphanage and learn more about them. Patrick will teach them to expand their creativity and produce artwork using sights and sounds of the countryside for inspiration. The finalized artwork will be sold to raise funds for the children. The programme aims to bring an expert of a particular field in Singapore to undeveloped parts of Asia to impart them their craft, in the hope of equipping the villagers with better skills to help then make a living. All the handiworks will be sold to raise funds for the villagers.


Host: Fann Wong, Dennis Chew, Zhou Ying, Chen Li Ping, Guo Liang

Episodes: 10 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2011