Power Duet K 歌2击队

Singing competitions are everywhere, but you've surely never seen a duet competition!Hosted by Quan Yi Fong, Lee Teng and Project Superstar alumni Kelvin Soon Wen Hai, brand new singing programme Power Duet has revolutionized the singing competitions you're familiar with! With twice the number and twice the pressure, these duet groups will need to depend on their teammates to step up and survive! Each episode will see contestants perform their chosen songs, but also be challenged by designated themes like songs about seasons, scenery, and decades! After each round of singing, the judges will rate them on a maximum score of 100. The lowest performing team will be instantly eliminated. Local music veterans like Roy Li, Wu Jiaming, Jim Lim and Eric Ng form the judging panel. Will the contestants be able to survive their scathing comments, rise above the pressure and take the crown as the Kings of Karaoke?


Host: Quan Yi Fong, Lee Teng, Sun Wen Hai

Episodes: 12 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2011