Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost 卧虎藏鬼

Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost 卧虎藏鬼

Episodic Information


A trio of misfits is taken hostage by a ghost and in exchange for their freedom, they’ll have to find out the truth behind her death.

When Lin Xiao Fang regained consciousness, she realised that she is already dead. She could not recall how she died and found herself trapped in a building where no one could see her. A year later, Xiao Fang met the trio (Ma Da, Ah Lun, and Angie), who stumbled upon the haunted unit by chance; and she realizes that they can see her. Xiao Fang seizes the opportunity and threatens the three of them with her ghostly powers to sign a "Ghost Contract" with her, they have to find out the cause of her death.
As time goes by, friendships were forged. However, the trio soon discovers that they were somewhat related to Xiao Fang's death. They can see Xiao Fang's spirit because they are fated to from the start. So, what exactly happened to Xiao Fang and how did she die?

Cast: Jesseca Liu, Jeremy Chan, Zong Zijie, Bonnie Loo, Allan Wu, Teddy Tang, Sora Ma, Ian Fang, Huang Jian Shun

Episodes: 20 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2021