Hope Afloat 浴水重生

Hope Afloat 浴水重生


The story centres around Xi Lin, an accomplished dancer about to get the opportunity of a lifetime for a performance that will catapult her career. Beautiful and almost perfect in every way, a water sport accident left her paralysed waist-down. As her world crumbles around her, so will that of her family. Caring for her soon takes a toll on the once closely-knitted family. While each family member truly cares and wants to do their part, the financial, physical and emotional toils eventually break them. This jolts Xi Lin out of her despair and she embarks on an uphill task of self-rehabilitation while trying to mend the cracks within her family. 

Xi Lin’s path crosses with Tian Qing, who is physically disabled from birth but aspires to be a Paralympian swimmer. The upbeat and forward-looking Tian Qing further molds Xi Lin’s desire to return to the stage as a dancer. As both inspires each other towards their dreams, they will have to cross the many obstacles of social stigma and preconceptions together.

Cast: Tasha Low, Chantalle Ng, Zhang Ze Tong, Tyler Ten, Desmond Ng, Grace Teo. Guo Liang, Cynthia Koh

Episodes: 20 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2024