Operandi Gerhana

Episodic Information


Singapore. 1955. Crime and chaos threatens to dominate life in Singapore. The Government has no choice but to fight fire with fire. Ex-WW2 veterans turned Police Constables Omar and Yusof are given a high priority assignment to investigate the kidnapping of an Army Officer. Their leads point to a new enigmatic gang vying for dominance in the Triad wars. The duo assemble an unconventional motley crew of constables who must work undercover and remain in the shadows.


New York Festivals TV and Films Awards 2024 -

Craft Program – Screenplay (Finalist - Mike Wiluan)

Craft Program – Camerawork (Finalist - John Radel)

Craft Program – Performance by an Actress (Finalist - Carmen Soo)


Casts: Fir Rahman, Kamal Adli, Jamie Aditya, Aaron Mossadeg, Cassandra Spykerman, Carmen Soo, Shane Mardjuki, Michael Wahr, Mathi Alagan, Alaric Tay, James Kumar, Sunny Pang, Fatin Amira, Hasif Nasir, Eduwart Manalu, Tamara Nabila, Gilbert


Episodes: 6 x 60 minutes

Languages: Malay

Production year: 2023